Bobcats Host 2nd Annual Cremona Summer Camp

The Lloydminster Bobcats held their 2nd annual Summer Combine Camp this past weekend. The Combine ran from the 28th to 30th of June at the Youth Lion’s Camp in Cremona, Alberta. The combine saw a total of 51 players attend, consisting of returning players as well as prospective players all in attendance from Western Canada (B.C., Alta. and Sask.). The Combine consisted of registration Saturday evening followed by camp fire activities. Sunday saw players participate in fitness testing, followed by two on ice scrimmages and finished the evening off with a paint ball team builder.
“We were very pleased with the Weekend Combine. The Players, both returning Vets as well as Prospective future players showed up in very good shape and conditioning. The off-ice and on-ice testing indicated that for the most part all of the players have been committed to their off season training. It was a weekend of competition blended with some fun and team building. The event will provide the younger prospective players an opportunity to break the ice prior to returning to Main Camp in August to go head to head in an attempt to secure a spot. The strength and depth of the Weekend Combine is certainly an indicator as to the fine job that Head Scout/Director of Player Personnel Barry Sawchuk and his staff have been doing.”

The Bobcats would like to thank all of the players who attended the Summer Combine and look forward to seeing them at main camp in August.