Bobcats Seeking Billet Families

The Bobcats are looking for eager families willing to open up their homes to an out of town junior hockey player for the upcoming season!
Being a successful hockey team isn’t just about the on-ice product. It takes dedication and commitment from everyone involved.

If you would like to be part of the Bobcat family while experiencing a new and fun family dynamic, then this is the opportunity for you.
We promise to work hard in finding the right fit for your home, and match you up with a Bobcat player based on the needs or preferences of your family.

Each billet family receives $350 per month as well as a family pass for all home games, including playoffs.
To learn more, contact the Bobcats Head Office at 780.871.0900 or Billet Coordinator, Larhee W. at 780-808-0921.