Cliff Rose for Clothes Player of the Month Connor Burke

Every month through the AJHL season Cliff Rose for Clothes in downtown Lloydminster sponsors a reward for the Bobcat Player of the Month.   Each month a player is selected not from on-ice accolades but from their dedication to the teams four pillars – Community, Family Integrity & Discipline.  
For the month of February, the Bobcats organization and Cliff Rose for Clothes are proud to announce rookie forward Connor Burke as player of the month.
Connor Burke exemplifies the attitude and mentality needed to be a leader and to be successful in any walk of life.   He stands out on and off the ice as his face is seemingly permanently beaming with a smile. His mindset day in and day out is positive.   It makes him highly approachable by teammates, staff and fans alike.   Burke sets an example every game and practice with his work ethic.   Regardless of results his effort remains the same.
Asked about the mindset he brings everywhere every day it’s something Burke says comes naturally, “My parents are great people, I’ve been surrounded by great people my whole life and I just try to feed off them.”  
His season started slow.   Working to get into the lineup on a consistent basis – typical for most rookies.   Connor kept his head focused and worked to become a regular in the Bobcats lineup.   “At first it was really tough.   At lower levels you play every game, and it was hard on my confidence.   I wasn’t playing my best either and then something switched, and I realized I had to come to the rink every day and work as hard as I could and start getting in there.   My main thing was confidence I had to have confidence in my skills and everything to get to where I need to be.   That’s what Duff and Nigel told me as well”.   Confidence maybe lacked effort has not, “I don’t usually beat up on myself too often, it happens from time to time, but I just try to give it my all every shift.   It’s the only thing you can control so it’s something I try and do.” Burke continued.
Asked about work in the community and any moments that have stood out Burke beamed, “I think going to the schools is the best part.   One day I walked into a school and a kid walked up to me gave me a hug and said, “I love you guys” that’s pretty awesome and rewarding.”
Burke has been an integral part of the recruiting class from a year ago and continues to grow as the season progressed, “Burke has been instrumental in our group on and off the ice, he brings energy to everything he does, and he most certainly makes everyone around him better. Outside of what he can do on the ice, it is a big part of what makes him who he is” stated Bobcats Head Coach and GM Nigel Dube.
Like past Player of the Month recipients Burke will receive a certificate from Cliff Rose for Clothes for a new suit.   The Bobcats would like to thank Dave Schneider and the family at Cliff Rose for their continued support of our players this season.  
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