Cliff Rose for Clothes Player of the Month Ethan Aucoin

Each month through the AJHL season one Lloydminster Bobcat is selected as player of the month.   A commendation not focussed around statistical achievements but on success away from the ice surface.   The player selected each month receives a gift certificate from longtime team and community supporter Cliff Rose for Clothes.   That certificate rewards the chosen player with a new suit to keep Bobcats players looking their best off the ice.
The Bobcats are pleased to announce Ethan Aucoin as player of the month for the month of January.   The rookie forward greets each day with the same positive outlook. There is certainly something to be said for a 19 year old that goes to the rink with a similar mindset to an atom player.   With better explanation he is genuinely filled with joy to be at the arena, to be around a team, to be able to play the game that he loves.   This kind of mindset is contagious.   The excitement level he carries around the rink before, after and during each game is palpable and raises up the attitude of those around him.   With the pressure all junior hockey players are under, having a young leader such as this in the room simply helps to bring down the tension around a hockey season. Asked about his demeanour around the rink Aucoin said it was pretty simple, “it’s about being loose. That’s the key having fun. If I wasn’t having fun I probably wouldn’t play the game”. When asked about his involvement around town and with his billet family he elaborated, “I think being around the billet kids and how much they look up to you being a mentor and seeing them happy and putting a smile on their faces that’s the best of it all.”
Away from the rink Aucoin is involved in activities which include school visits, helping with minor hockey, and being a cheerleader for his billet brother at hockey.   Additionally he is regularly involved with his billet family specifically his billet brothers own hockey team.   Head Coach Nigel Dube describes Ethan as, “he is a person that is full of energy and really enjoys everyday, he brings a lot of energy to the rink and he is the same way away from it when he is involved in the community.”

The player of the month is awarded to players based on their efforts away from the arena, however it is worth noting that at the time of writing this Aucoin had 49 points in 49 games.   Leading the team in points and goals with 27.   Good enough for 20th in league scoring and 9th in the league in goals scored.   It’s not often a rookie leads their team in scoring, it’s all the more impressive when a rookie does so with the combination of exuberance and composure that Ethan Aucoin carries himself with.   Aucoin exemplifies an outlook that anyone can benefit from.
The Lloydminster Bobcats would like to thank Dave Schneider and the family at Cliff Rose for Clothes for their continued support.   Cliff Rose supplies the Lloydminster area with top of the line mens fashions for casual wear as well as everything you need for formal occasions.   Keep an eye on the Cliff Rose for Clothes social channels for updates on new additions to the store as well as their upcoming Grad and Groom week coming up in February.   You can find the store in downtown Lloydminster on 50th Ave.