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The Bobcats Organization would like to send a sincere thank you to all of our dedicated volunteers. There really is nothing like the spirit of a volunteer. We realize how lucky we are to have volunteers who are passionate about the philosophies, morals and values the team maintains. We know we say it all the time, but without you the team would not exist. This special group of individuals includes directors, game day personnel, sponsors, any fundraising committee members and anyone else dedicating time into our organization.

A special group of people who spend every minute of every day during the hockey season volunteering are our billet families. This group of people take our players into their homes and accept them as members of their family. Each billet has their own stories and memories of relationships that have developed between the player and their family. There are many examples of enduring relationships developing between a billet family and Bobcat player. Quite often you hear of alumni stopping in to their billets home while "passing through town" and billet families contacting alumni or alumni's family when they are "coming out your way". Billeting can be one of the most rewarding experiences as a volunteer in our community.

Game Day Volunteers needed

The Bobcats are always looking for energetic game day volunteers who would like to be a part of the action! Contact to get involved this season!

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