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"On Point Scholarship Award" presented by Jamie Holmes & Emmett Murphy

Bobcat Education Expectations

The Lloydminster Bobcat Junior ?A? Hockey Club is committed to developing Hockey and Education Excellence with all of its players, while contributing positively to the Community!

1. All High School aged players will be expected to enroll full time in either Lloydminster Comprehensive High School (Public) or Holy Rosary High School (Catholic). Players will be assisted with enrolment and course selection. Regular contact is made with all schools and players to monitor attendance and behavior. Players must also strive to maintain a high academic standing in order to remain eligible to play.

2. Players who have graduated from High School will be expected to enroll part time in either Lakeland College or Reeves Business College. High School Upgrading, University Transfer and Business courses are recommended. Once again attendance, behavior and academic standing are constantly monitored in order to remain eligible to play.

3. Players will also be given the option for a Practical Work Place, Educational Opportunity. Part time job opportunities, in a player?s area of interest will be made available. Players unsure of future employment opportunities will gain a better understanding of employer expectations and required job related skills. Attendance, behavior and performance will be tracked in order to remain eligible to play.

**Upon successful completion of any Post Secondary class, the Lloydminster Bobcat Organization will fully reimburse all education expenses including: class fees, text books and student parking.**

Bobcat Education Initiatives

The Bobcats recruit, develop, engage and promote all of their players, insuring they have every opportunity to pursue and further hockey and educational opportunities in the NHL, NCAA, ACHA, CIS, ACAC and BCIHL.

The Education Director, along with support from  the Executive, Hockey/Office Staff and Volunteers, assist all Bobcat Players with the following Initiatives:

  • Introduce players and their families to the educational opportunities in Lloydminster.
  • Assist with player registration in local educational institutions.
  • Identify and locate practical work place educational opportunities.
  • Monitor mandatory attendance, academic standing, behavior and work performance.
  • Provide academic support (tutoring) when needed.
  • Prepare, register and provide opportunities to write the SAT and ACT exams. (Mandatory for U.S. college hockey and education).
  • Register players with the  NCAA Eligibility Center.
  • Identify Post Secondary Schools that offer academic programs which match players Interest Inventories. (Test administered by Education Director to determine a player?s occupational area of strength).
  • Identify, contact and respond to Post Secondary Schools that will provide opportunities for Bobcat Players to contribute at a College/University hockey program.
  • Assist with player scholarships/bursaries and promotion of players to post secondary institutions.

Bobcats Hockey - Commitment to Hockey and Education Excellence!

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