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Chase The Ace

The Bobcats are excited to be teaming up with the Lloydminster Kinsmen Club to bring you Chase The Ace!

Proceeds will be helping the Bobcats with some projects we have been working on that include arena upgrades and also help in the operating costs of the team.  By teaming up with the Kinsmen Club the Bobcats have more flexibility when it comes to growing the Ace Pot into a substantial prize for whoever wins it!

Here's how it works!

Chase The Ace will happen at every regular season home game this season at the Centennial Civic Centre.  You must be in attendance to buy a ticket and must be in attendance to win.

You start by buying a ticket for $10.  Once you have your ticket you wait to hear who will get the chance to draw for the Ace of Spades.  The draw will take place right after the 2nd intermission at every home game.

If your name is drawn you automatically receive 20% of that nights ticket sales.  You also get the chance to draw a card from the deck of cards.  If you draw the Ace of Spades you win the 'Ace Pot', which is comprised of accumulating 30% of the ticket sales from each night.  However the Bobcats have guaranteed at $5000 jackpot! That means that if the Ace is drawn the person drawing the card automatically wins $5000! If the Ace is not drawn before the 'Ace Pot' grows to $5000 then the winner will be playing for whatever the current jackpot is at.  50% of the ticket sales from each night will go towards the Lloydminster Bobcats!

Support the Bobcats and win some serious cash!  The more tickets sold the faster the pot will grow! Good luck and see you at the rink!

Lottery License # LR18-0054

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