Bobcats to Partner with Elite Hockey

Lloydminster, AB – The Lloydminster Bobcats and the Lloydminster Elite Hockey Division are looking forward to entering the second year in partnership for skill development, goalie development, and coach mentorship! The 2023-24 season will be the second season the Lloydminster Bobcats will work with the athletes and coaches of the elite division hockey, a partnership which began a year ago. “We are really looking forward to our second year, we learnt a lot in the first year and have made several changes to the program this year to offer more to the players and coaches in elite hockey” stated Bobcats General Manager Nigel Dube.

The development of both the players and coaches continues to be a focus for the Lloydminster Elite Hockey Division which will begin tryouts this month. “We are excited for what the partnership will look like this season, it is further advanced already as coaches’ meetings have already taken place and the groundwork has been set” commented Elite Hockey Director Jazmyn Gartner. The partnership will see the Bobcats staff on the ice consistently through the season with the male and female teams and providing resources to the coaching staffs. “It was imperative to sit down at the end of last season with Jazmyn and the elite group to reflect and make changes, it has been great to already have sat down with the coaches and set forth a plan, we are most excited about the consistency we will have this season with the groups on the ice!” added Dube.

Goalie Development will once again be overseen by Bobcats Goalie Coach Sheldon Goertzen who was also named to the 2023-24 Canada National Development Women’s Team staff. Goertzen worked weekly with the elite hockey teams and will again moving into the 2023-24 season. “Sheldon was really able to connect with the goalies, we seen him work with them on the ice and also provided video for them, it was an area we seen great growth in” added Gartner.

This season will also see the addition of new Head Coach Brad Rihela and Associate Head Coach and Skill Development Jeff Woywitka.  “Both of these coaches will bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table when it comes to our partnership with the elite hockey, we are really looking forward to what this year has in store for the athletes” finished Dube.