MacLean Novembers Cliff Rose Community Award

The Lloydminster Bobcats are very excited to announce the renaming of our monthly sponsorship with Cliff Rose for Clothes.  Cliff Rose has for a long time sponsored our Bobcat of the Month.  For the 2019/20 season this player of the month has been chosen not based upon on-ice performance but rather the things that happen away from the rink.  Because of that the Bobcats are happy to announce that going forward the team will be awarding the Cliff Rose Community Ambassador on a monthly basis.
Each month Cliff Rose for Clothes of downtown Lloydminster will supply one player with a certificate for a new suit.  The Cliff Rose Community Ambassador will be a player actively involved in the teams community work.
Leading towards the Christmas season there are a number of individuals and community groups in need of assistance, or just a little more help and the Lloydminster Bobcats are more than happy to do just that.  In the month of November Chad MacLean was a big part of those efforts. 
In November Chad was active unloading Christmas trees for the local Kinsmen and Kinettes.  He also assisted in building packages of warm clothing for local shelters and helping at schools with hot lunch and their reading programs.
When asked about doing all the community work MacLean couldn’t have been happier.”It was a busy month, but I really don’t mind doing that stuff.  When you’re a role model in the community and people look up to you its good to do things like that”. 
He continued, “I’m a strong believer that good things happen to good people, we did that community stuff and then some of the on-ice things started to turn around for us as well.” 
Head coach and general manager Nigel Dube talked about the Calgary product pregame on Wednesday night, “We brought him in, in July with a trade with Fort McMurray. He’s done great things in our community.  He’s a great citizen, he’s the first one to offer up help in anything we need;  be it on the ice, off the ice, working youth groups out or whatever it may be.  He’s stepped up in huge ways and is always there with a smile on his face and enjoying his time.  So he’s real passionate and I think that speaks volumes outside of just hockey”.  In the month of November MacLean was also given the A on his jersey for home games. 
When informed that he was going to be the Cliff Rose Community Ambassador for November he was notably surprised and excited. Chad will be looking forward to getting fitted for a new suit for his efforts off the ice.  There is no better place to do just that than Cliff Rose for Clothes on 50th Ave.  Aside from formal wear Dave Schneider and his knowledgeable staff provide excellent service and a warm smile for anyone looking for new holiday threads for themselves, or if you’re searching for the perfect gift for that special someone.


The Bobcats are on the road this Friday as they travel to Bonnyville, they will be back on home ice to round out the first half before Christmas break with a Sunday afternoon tilt against the Sherwood Park Crusaders! See you Sunday!