Honouring Pastor Mark

The Bobcats would like to thank Team Chaplin Mark Breitkreuz for his contribution to our team and wish him the best of luck as he relocates to the Edmonton area to pursue an exciting new career. Mark has been with the Bobcats since the 2007-2008 season and has devoted many volunteer hours to our young hockey players over his eight years with our hockey club. As Associate Pastor at the First Baptist Church, Mark hosted monthly hangouts for the players, and also brought his congregation out to one Bobcats game a year. His new role as the Regional Director of Fellowship Prairies will see Mark and his wife Andrea relocate their family to Edmonton in the New Year.

Mark is pictured here receiving a team jersey from Business Manager Malcolm Radke. Mark was a valuable member of the Bobcats team, and is one of the team’s #1 fans. Thank you for a great eight years, Pastor Mark!