Alumni Monday – Casey Knight – What Offseason?

What Offseason?

Summertime usually marks the point when hockey players migrate to the golf course or other relaxing venues to heal the bumps and bruises of a long strenuous season.

In Casey Knight's case, before the ice even turns to water and has a chance to drain from the arena, he is trading in his skates for spurs, and heading to the rodeo grounds.

In 2010 Knight joined the Bobcats after a successful midget hockey season in North Battleford. He would remain a member of the team for the next three seasons, scoring 19 goals and picking up 36 assists for 55 total points.

At 18 years old, he would have been excused if he spent his first Junior A offseason fine tuning his wrist shot or even just catching up with old-friends. Instead, Knight was joining the Canadian Professional Chuckwagon Association as an Outrider.

Six years later, Knight hasn't missed a beat in either sport. Currently studying criminology and sociology at the University of Toronto, he is a member of the school's CIS (Canadian Inter-university Sports) hockey team, the Varsity Blues. On the track, Knight has also graduated to the next level of Chuckwagon racing, as he is currently competing in the World Professional Chuckwagon Association, and is ranked 6th amongst all Outriders currently competing.

Our very own Trevor Redden sat down with Knight during last season, check out the interview here.

Here is the Globe and Mail article mentioned by Casey Knight. –Mamas, let your cowboys grow up to be hockey players