BREAKING: Bobcats Sign HC/GM Nigel Dube to Five-Year Contract

The Lloydminster Bobcats are excited to announce that Head Coach and GM Nigel Dube has been signed to a 5-year contract.

We would like to welcome Nigel to the team and to our city.

“It is very exciting for the future we have put in place in Lloydminster,” Dube said. “In my short time here it is very evident of how much passion and excitement there is in this community for hockey. I plan on working around the clock to get us to where we need to be in the Alberta Junior Hockey League. We have a foundation of success blueprint in place moving forward.”

Nigel has demonstrated tremendous leadership skills and fortitude during a very a difficult transition period for the team.

Moving forward we are confident Nigel will bring a new level of compete to the team. 

“I believe it is very important to be active in the community year round and giving back as we go, I am proud to call Lloydminster home now,” Dube said. “The changes set out will be happening on the ice but there will also be major changes to how we do things off the ice and in the community as well to be a more active group!”

When we began this transition, we felt it was important to change the cultural foundation of our team and to systematically map out our future. We feel that Nigel will do an excellent job of this.

The board is unanimous in the belief that Nigel reflects the core values that will drive our team to success in the future and are confident in his abilities.

“The board is very supportive and understanding of the plan and it is my responsibility to execute it moving forward, we have significant things to come for the city of Lloydminster on and off the ice,” said Dube.